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Saturday December 14th -

Sunday, December 15th, 2024

Lavern Gibson National Cross Country Course

*See Schedule


Elite 6K Championship M/F - $48.00

Elite 4K Championship M/F - $42.00

Combined Elite 6K & 4K M/F - $83.00

Open Age Group 6K M/F - $48.00

Junior 4K Championship B/G - $39.00

Citizens Fun Run/Walk 6K - $30.00

Citizens Fun Run/Walk 4K - $30.00

​​Swag available for purchase HERE


5 - 30 miles

First Canicross ULTRA in the USA!!


Friday, December 6 @10:00am


Friday, December 13th







All canicross athletes must complete the CANICROSS WAIVER found HERE and is agreed to during online registration prior to starting the event.



Canicross USA, Kenosha Running Company and Musher are your hosts for the first ever Canicross USA National Canicross Championship Event. The Vigo County Tourism Bureau will make us all feel right at home!

We will be hosting races for everyone and for all abilities. Elite National Championships
(qualifying times required), National Age Group Championships, Junior Championships and
Citizen Fun Run/Walk events (both days).

The Lavern Gibson National Cross Country Course in Terre Haute, IN, is an ideal course for
running & viewing such an event and the venue will allow for ample space for vendors,
food trucks, tailgating and your own unique experience.

Please contact Brian Thomas briant@kenosharunningcompany.com with any questions or

Looking forward to welcoming all you in person!

​Canicross USA National Championship Event Schedule

Thursday – 12.12.2024
1. Initial set up
2. Meeting with volunteers
3. Meeting with Dave Patterson & Team
4. Vendor Set Up

Friday – 12.13.2024
1. Final set up, prepare for packet pick up
2. meeting with timers, volunteers, Course Staff, etc...
3. Packet Pick Up and Course preview starts at 2:00pm and concludes at 6:00pm
4. Dog Fittings and other products for sale
5. Vendor Set up
6. Allow team and individual set up area

Saturday – 12.14.2024
1. Packet pick up starts at 7:30am
2. Course preview starts at 8:00am – closes at 9:00am
3. Vendors arrive at arrive at 7:30am
4. Racers Meeting 9:15am
5. Elite 6k Men race starts at 9:45am (Day 1)
6. Elite 6k Women race starts at 10:45am  (Day 1)
7. Open – Age Group – Masters & Super Masters Men 6K – 11:45am
8. Open – Age Group – Masters & Super Masters Women 6K – 12:45am 
9. Citizens Fun Run/Walk with and without Dogs – starts at 2:00pm (Untimed, same day signup will be available) Fundraiser for local Dog Rescue & Humane Shelter 
10. Awards for Day 1 at Conclusion of Citizens Race

Sunday – 12.15.2024
1. Packet Pick up start at 8:00am
2. Course preview starts at 8:00am and closes at 9:00am
3. Racers meeting at 9:15am
4. Elite 4k Men race starts at 9:45am (Day 2)
5. Elite 4k Women race starts at 10:30am (Day 2)
6. Junior Boys Under 10, 11-13 and 14 – 17th age groups 4k 11:15am
7. Junior Girls Under 10, 11-13 and 14 – 17th age groups 4k Noon
8. Citizens Fun Run/Walk with and without Dogs – starts at 12:45pm (Untimed, same day sign up will be available.)Fundraiser for local Dog Rescue & Humane Shelter
9. Awards for Day 2 at start conclusion of Citizens Fun Run/Walk

Sunday & Saturday Awards will be presented at the conclusion of the Citizens Race.

Event SWAG Long Sleeve T-Shirt and other product Merchandise will be available for purchase.

No SWAG included in Citizens Fun Run/Walk, but have option to purchase when signing up for $12.00

(Headwear, T-shirts Long Sleeve, Dog Bandanas, Dog Gear, etc..)

Event Rules
Rules will apply to all categories of events.

  1. Dogs must be healthy and update on all vaccines
  2. The Event Veterinarian has the ability to determine is a dog is fit to race in the Elite, Age​ Group and Juniors Races.
  3. Aggressive Dogs are not welcome at this event
  4. Dogs that become aggressive at this event must be removed.
  5. Proper Canicross gear must be worn by the dog and owner when racing for the Elite, Age Group and Junior Championship Races. Proper gear will consist of: proper fitting harness for the dog, proper fitting running belt and connecting bungee line no longer than 2 meters (no static connecting line will be permitted). Citizens Event: no choke collars will be permitted.
  6. Runners are not permitted to wear metal tip type running spikes.
  7. Runners are required to wear racing bib while racing and to enter the starting area.
  8. Competitors in Elite, Age Group and Juniors Race can only run with one dog. Citizens Events you can run/walk/hobble with one or two dogs.
  9.  In the area outside of the race course, dogs must be on a static leash no longer the 3 feet.
  10. Cleaning up after your dog is required by everyone with a dog. Those not cleaning up after your dog will be asked to leave. There will be plenty waste drop disposal containers and poop bags throughout venue. While racing you will not be required to clean up after your dog for the Elite, Age Group and Juniors Races. Those in the Citizens Event will be required to clean up after their dog.
  11. Once entering the starting area, all dogs must be under control and bungee line must be​ held to maintain limited range of the dog.
  12. Elite, Age Group and Juniors will be assigned a starting box, which will be 9 feet wide. There will be 42 boxes in the front row and 42 boxes in the second row. Boxes will be assigned based on your 5k time submitted when signing up. Each Race will have a mass​ start.
  13. Citizens Event runners will be in the first and second row and walkers will be behind the​ runners. The event will start with a mass start.

Weekend Guidelines

1. No dogs are permitted to be off leash for any reason. If the chance a dog is off
leash, you will be asked to leave the venue.
2. Cleaning up after your dog at all times is required except as specified in the
Rules section.
3. There will be a designated parking area for those racing over the weekend and
those with trailers.
4. There will be a preferred/designated warm up area.
5. Dogs will not be allowed in any of the buildings.
6. Course preview is only for those dogs that are racing over the weekend. You
must clean up after your dog when previewing the course.
7. Only those racing will be allowed on the race sections of the course. There will
be numerous areas designated for spectating within the boundaries of the
Cross Country Course and outside of the Cross Country Course.
8. Additional Guidelines will be added as needed. Please review for updates
periodically. Those that have signed up will be receiving email notifications of
any updates.