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The Running Tailgate Party of the Year!!!

The Hilloopy 100+ Relay, gives you the thrill of the long distance relay while you create memories with your entire team. It IS the RUNNING TAILGATE PARTY of the Midwest!

If you ever have experienced a 100 mile point to point relay, you know that they can be fun, but at times, a logistical hassle.  You create a team and look forward to spending time with them, but you really don’t. 

Separate vans.  Rarely talking. Completely different schedules.  What is the fun in that?

Taking place on the Wayne E. Dannehl National Cross Country Course on the campus of UW-Parkside in Kenosha, WI, this ultra-relay event has each team running 33 laps of the nationally known 5K cross country course.  Imagine the fun of running this beautiful nature trail which keeps looping you back to the cheers and support of your teammates and other spectators.  With a relay event like this, strategy is the key!  Any size team is WELCOME from 2 to 33!  Not everyone has to run the same number of loops, but everyone does have to have a great time!

All teams will begin at the same time in a thrilling mass start and with each loop you have the option to hand off to a teammate or run another based on your team’s strategy.  We track the number of loops for each team, provide loop splits for all 33 loops, and will have continuous live updates on a large screen near the exchange zone. 

If it is not an athlete’s turn to run, they’ll be hanging out in our exclusive Thrillogy Village.  Imagine an exchange zone and start/finish area lined with all the relay teams for hundreds of meters, music keeping the party on the right note, and great food served by the UW Parkside XC and Track teams.   You and your teammates will be cheering, chilling, participating in games and other competitive non-running contests all while you are building and strengthening bonds.

Hil100py+ Features:

  • 100+ mile Looped Relay
  • Teams can range from 2 to 33 runners
  • 20 Hour Limit (for timing)
  • Assigned Team Areas
  • Discounts available for groups with more than three teams entering
  • Run in conjunction with the Hot Hilly Hairy Ultra Solo and Relay

Hil100py+ Relay participants will be required to have a headlamp or knuckle lights.  Flashlights will not be acceptable.

​​Watch for updates on our FB page: https://www.facebook.com/KenoshaRunningCompany/
Dorm rooms will be available.
We encourage a tailgate party type of environment but please note grills are not allowed on the Cross Country Course.
The concessions are open to everyone and is a fundraiser for the Track and XC programs at UW-P.

Friday Info:
From 4:30pm – 7:30pm, you will be able to pick up your race packet and set up your team and individual area in the designated locations. This area is monitored all night. You can also sign up at this time, if you are adding a relay member or a friend has decided to join you at the last moment. Hotel Check in starts at 3:00pm

Saturday Info:
4:30am and throughout the day you can pick up your packet and sign up for a variety of races and distances, with starting time at 6am.

Cut Off Times: 
There are no cut off times, please note official timing will end Sunday @ 12:30am

Pacers need to sign up for a 10k that starts at either noon or 6pm… no one will be allowed to run on the course without a bib, except relay teams, as we are going with a tagged relay baton this year. Relay Teams... create your own Team Running Bib(s).

For first timers, be ready for a truly unique running kind of experience. So bring your tailgate-party attitude, your favorite playlist that we can play for you (CDs are welcome as well), and a little extra food to share (yes, we wander and are hungry most of the day!!)

Need to be on a TEAM?
Those of you without a team of your own and are wanting to run on a Hilloopy Relay Team... we will have several XCThrillogy Teams and you are invited and welcome to join us, watch for the sign up.

For more information regarding volunteering at any of our events, please contact Brian Thomas at

(262) 925-0300 or e-mail: briant@kenosharunningcompany.com


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