We would like to develop four kid trail races that would be 400 to 800 meters that would be run at the conclusion of our regular trail events. I am thinking our March, June, Sept. and Sept. events. We are in need of an Assistant Race Director to oversee and develop this aspect of our trail events.

As we evolve our events it is also time to evolve our ability to be as inclusive as possible. We are making our parade events on July 1st, July 4th and December 2nd wheelchair athlete, wheelchair assisted and amputee (those able to run or walk on blades or similar) welcoming events. We are desiring to make all of our events welcoming to visually impaired

runners and walkers. We are also

wanting to accommodate those that

suffer from PTSD by starting at an

earlier times. With this program in

mind, we need: 1. Assistant Race

Director(s) (volunteer position).

2. Guide Runners & Walkers.

The Kenosha Running Company is humbled and thankful to announce that all military veterans, active serviceman and their spouses will be able to run/walk all of our 2018 events for free.  Enter in one of three ways; call our office at 262-925-0300, mail in an entry form or enter online (call to get a discount code). We are also looking for:
1. Assistant Race Director
(volunteer position) to help nurture
& grow this program.

2. We would like to give others the

chance to support this program

financially so it is maintainable

and sustainable for many years

to come.

XC Thrillogy Programs

Kid's Trail Event

Autism Trail Team


Please contact Brian Thomas with your program questions or comments, briant@kenosharunningcompany.com or cell 414-719-4771.

Adaptive Athletes

I have read stories on a similar program out East and want to develop and support an ATT here in SE WI. Honestly I have no background in this and ignorant to all the many aspects that parents deal with and the different levels of Autism. We need some coaches and Assistant Race Directors (volunteer positions) to help develop and manage this program.

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