Kenosha Running Company introduces the newest and best way to raise money for charity runners/walkers, charities and good causes.

Here is how it works for Charity Runners:
Invite your friends and family to run or walk in one or all of our events, have them mail in the entry form and write your name on the entry form or have them use the code specifically for you and have them enter online.  The amount we will donate per entry and event varies per event, the minimum is $5.00 per paid entry.  It is really just that simple.  Just e-mail or call us first to let us know the name of your charity or good cause, your name, mailing address and  phone number.

Charities... looking to have run/walk to
raise awareness and funds for your organization? 

Use our event and all you have to do is invite your supporters, friends and family to attend and support your cause.  We will create a special entry form for you to use and distribute.  We will also assign you a special code for those that prefer to sign up online.  For each entry we receive, you will receive a portion of the entry fee with the minimum amount being $5.00 per paid entry.

We are very excited to have our events support great causes. 

If you have questions and/or want to incorporate our "Rundraising" program into your program,  please contact Brian Thomas or Stephanie Zuehls - office 262-925-0300

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