It is inspiring that you want to regain your fitness and live a healthy lifestyle.  We would love to help you along your journey by helping you to establish a fitness routine that is easily implemented.

Why us?
The XC Thrillogy Fitness Team is a welcoming and encouraging group where we focus on a new lifestyle, not a short term program.  We will be focused on being patient, will embrace your current level of fitness, and will develop a workout schedule that is manageable based on your life demands and believing in your dreams-objectives-lifestyle vision.

Why now?
How long have you desired this for yourself?  Probably too long.  We have extended our hand and now it is time to step out of your comfort zone and start this journey today.

Who are we?
Kyle Gilman will be leading the group.  He is relatively new to living a healthy lifestyle and regaining his fitness as a runner.  Kyle has lost over 230 pounds over the past 16 months.  In November 2016, he recently completed a 43 mile trail event and completed the Longest Turkey Trot run/walking from Milwaukee to Chicago with 10 others.  Kyle has dealt with many of the emotional, physical, and social issues associated with embracing a new lifestyle by living it one day at a time. He is committed to sharing his struggles (then and now), encouraging you, and holding you accountable when needed.

Brian Thomas will be coaching the group.  As a runner for 43 years, a high school cross country and track coach, and a personal trainer, Brian will use his experience to develop workouts that are appropriate based on your current level of fitness and abilities in an encouraging environment that celebrates and builds on success.

What will a typical group workout look like?
Our workouts will be focused on the following:

  1. Proper warm-up -- We will start every workout with a dynamic warm-up, meaning we will be actively moving different body parts to warm up the muscles and slowly increasing heart rate. We will modify these different warm-up drills as needed based on your ability and mobility.
  2. Cardio -- The cardio portion of the workout will consist of  brisk walking or walking/running and recovery.  The duration of the brisk walking, walking/running, and recovery will be determined by your level of fitness and fitness goals.
  3. Core development -- In order to avoid injuries, establish proper walking or running form, and reduce compensation issues, we will be developing the muscles in the trunk of your body (back, hips, rear, chest, and abs).  Strengthening these core muscles through using a series of drills (modified as needed) will help you stay injury free and will enhance your overall strength.

Objectives for us:
Establish a routine that can easily be duplicated at home, do the necessary dynamic warm up and core strengthening to make the cardio more enjoyable, keep you healthy and finish each workout so you feel like you could have done more.

Our once a week indoor workouts will be held at Christian Life School in Kenosha, WI located at:
10700 - 75th St (Hwy. 50), Kenosha, WI 53142.  The school is connected to Journey Church and is about ½ mile east of I-94.  Enter through the front door of the school and go into the gym
January Indoor Schedule:  

Every Monday @ 6:00 pm 

Location:  Petrifying Springs County Park in Kenosha, WI. Meet at Shelter 1 across from Dog Park just off the entrance on Cty Rd. JR.
January Outdoor Schedule:      

Every Saturday @ 10:30 am

2017 Fee Schedule
Monthly:  $30.00
Three Months:   $75.00
Six Months:  $130.00
Twelve Months:  $230.00



XC Thrillogy Teams...

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The XC Thrillogy Trail Team is a group of trail runners and walkers that love the trails and desire to share their passion with others.  Embracing walkers of all fitness levels and abilities, the Trail Team will support, encourage, and challenge the team members to grow in their sport and love for the trails.  

XCT Trail Team benefits:

  • Introduction to running and trail running classes/coaching based on experience/fitness levels.
  •  Core development training based on fitness levels.
  • Once a week group runs/walk on trails in SE WI and NE IL.
  • 10% discount on all XC Thrillogy Trail Events and Kenosha Running Company Inc. retail products.
  • Planned destination events.
  • Discounts for non XCThrillogy trail and running events.
  • XCT Trail Team running gear and apparel.
  • XCT Trail Team Facebook community to find running partners and ask questions.
  • Discounts on VO2 max testing.
  • Discounts on Body Composition Evaluation.
  • Plus many more as the XCT Trail Team evolves!

Join the XC Thrillogy Trail Team and become a part of a welcoming community of trail runners/walkers, both experienced and new, and explore all the things that make trail running an amazing escape from the ordinary workout.

You would like to join?  Review the following:

  1. Twelve Month Team Fee: $65.00 – includes Team Training Shirt
    (includes all of the above except coaching services)  
  2. Coaching Services and Fees will be customized based on your vision.

Brian Thomas

cell 414-719-4771