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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your CONTACT INFORMATION?
    Kenosha Running Company, P.O. Box 126, 1706 - 22nd Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53140 -- (262) 925-0300 --
    www.XCThrillogy.comwww.KenoshaRunningCompany.com  www.TrailDogRunners.com

  2. Do you have more information about becoming a SPONSOR for your events?
    Yes, we would love to have you as a SPONSOR... please click here for more sponsorship information or contact Brian Thomas at briant@kenosharunningcompany.com.

  3. We are a CHARITY, could you please tell us more about how your events could help our cause?
    We love working with CHARITIES.  Check out how we can help out your cause.  Or drop Stephanie an e-mail at stephaniez@kenosharunningcompany.com

  4. Could you please let us know more about the SURROUNDING AREA AND LOCATION of the events?
    Our events take place in beautiful Southeastern Wisconsin, within Kenosha County. Perfectly nestled between Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, Illinois.  Click here to download a directional area map.  Or please visit our Directions & Area Info page for more specific area information such as area maps, dining, accommodations, shopping, etc.

  5. How can I receive your XC THRILLOGY NEWSLETTERS?
    Visit our Newsletter Page and simply sign up or download our newsletters right from there.

  6. Can I promote my running event in your NEWSLETTER?
    Yes, of course... that is the reason for the newsletter... cross-promoting all types of running/walking events.  Please e-mail your event information to Brian Thomas at briant@kenosharunningcompany.com.

    XCThrillogy is offering RUNSURANCE on this event.  If for any reason you are unable to attend you can defer your entry to the  next year's event, run a similar priced event, or get 80% of your entry fee refunded.  If you are interested, please select RUNSURANCE yes during the registration process. 

  8. Do you do any kind of FUNDRAISING?
    Yes... glad you asked.  We have a program call "RUNDRAISING"... the newest and best way to raise money for charity runners/walkers and charities.  Please visit our RUNDRAISING page for more information or feel free to contact Stephanie at stephaniez@kenosharunningcompany.com

  9. I would like to VOLUNTEER... how can I get more information?
    We love volunteers!!  Thanks for asking... please call 262-925-0300 or feel free to send an e-mail to Stephanie Zuehls at stephaniez@kenosharunningcompany.com or Brian Thomas at briant@kenosharunningcompany.com for more information.

  10. Do you offer online shopping?
    Thank you for asking... we certainly do... please visit https://shopkrco.shopsettings.com/.